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How to Register for Our Online Auction

**Please read ALL instructions below before you click on the big blue registration button at the bottom: 

Please note, even if you have attended one of our previous fundraisers in person, we will still need you to complete this form as this is a new and different process.  Additionally, your credit card will only be charged if you win one of the auction items or donate to the special appeal.

Once on the registration page - Click on Get Started.

Most people will need to click on the green button that says Create an Account.
(The option to “Sign In If You Are Already a Member” is only for people who have already created an account in Greater Giving software from registering for this or another online event.  You will need to know your old password.)

So, click on the green button to Create an Account.
Enter your email address. Confirm your email address.
Check that you are not a robot.
There may be a visual test, to identify items in photos, like crosswalks or stop signs, etc.
Then click Confirm.

An email link will be sent to your email.
Click on the link. It is valid for one hour.
This email will allow you to Set or Reset your own password for your GG login.
Click on Reset.
Write down your password, remember that it is case sensitive.
Type in your password. Then retype the password.
Your will get a message that your password was successfully Reset.
Return to the Login page. 

To finish your registration:

Click on Sign in with your email address as the User Name and your New Password.
Then fill in your contact information and credit card information.
If you have used Greater Giving before, some information may already be there.
Then click CREATE.

You will be taken to a page that says Auction is Open, and has a green circle with a gavel in it.
Click on the gavel to be taken back to the Welcome Screen.

Lastly, all texts and emails you receive from us for this event will contain a PERSONAL bidding link.  This link is tied to your credit card so please don't share it with others.  If you would like to invite others (and please do!) - feel free to share the link above or this page url.

Special Thanks to Our Generous Sponsors